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The Orange & Black Pack is a unique source of Philadelphia Flyers information. We're not beat writers, nor have we ever claimed to be anything close to that caliber of reporting. We're not insiders, nor do we have an inside man who gathers NHL information from the League's innermost grapevine and hands it off to us to communicate with our readers. 

The Orange & Black Pack is made up of three diehard Flyers fans who happen to use this blog as an outlet for our passionate opinions which we pride ourselves on for its originality, and its researched delivery.

We've been described as "The Howard Stern of Flyers writing" for reasons I believe our longest readers know already. Professionalism is a tricky word; If being professional  means approaching each hockey topic with pure objectivity and the complete absence of offensive, discriminatory discourse, then I'm afraid The Orange & Black Pack is NOT professional.

And I'm damn proud of it.

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