T-March Goes Yard on Players

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by Tim March

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Monday, Dec. 10, 2012

Orange & Black Pack writer, Timothy March, pens an open, venting letter to half of the individuals involved in, and responsible for, this greedy mess we call the 2012 NHL Lockout. In lieu of the recent collapse in labor negotiations, Tim can't tame the beast within him any longer. It's time to open the cage and let the savageness have its glory.  


Dear NHL players,

I am writing this letter to each each of you so you know just how the fans -- who are really the ones (in a sense of things) that contribute most to your inflated salaries -- actually feel about this whole mess.  

Enough, is unequivocally enough. 

You are employees…You do realize that right?

em•ploy•ee also em•ploy•e   n.

A person who works for another in return for financial or other compensation.

Financial compensation…Hmmm…you receive that, right?  Yes?  So you are employees of the NHL.  As an employee of said employer, you receive a paycheck in exchange for services rendered. Not revenue sharing, not bonuses. 

A friggin' paycheck. 

That bonus money you get from your employers?  Yeah, that is extra.  Shit, that in all reality, they don’t have to give you. My employer told me that we will not be receiving bonuses this year for Christmas. Sure, I was bummed, but guess what?  I am thankful to have a job where I can support my family and do it comfortably.  

Oh, not to mention pay for the season tickets of which the proceeds end up in your pockets. So it might mean one less bottle of egg-nog this holiday season. But hey, everyone has to tighten their belts in this economy, huh? 

Guess not.  

We see you guys on TV and Twitter complaining about your employers. The Owners want to cut a percentage of your bonus and contract money and bleed it back in your bank accounts over a specified length of time. Not eliminate, just defer. But hey, I guess that Ferrari payment isn't going to make itself, right?  

"Oh, but the owners are so greedy and make a lot of money!" Well, become an owner then.  Open a business, run it so well that you become a multi-millionaire, and buy an NHL team.  Easy, right?  

But no…

Instead of being happy that you have gainful employment, you bitch and moan, following this Don Fehr as if he were the pied piper for millionaires. "Hold out" for a better deal?  Many of you enjoy luxuries in life that we fans will never get to realize.  And that is fine, we can’t skate or put a piece of rubber into a goal. We just get paid a hell of a lot less to provide people with energy, food, health care, etc. You know, the shit that really matters in this world.   

So, we will take our measly paychecks and spend it on something else. Not watching a bunch of glorified ice dancers who are too ridiculous to realize how good they have it.  You want us to fell sorry for you in all this?  HA! Not gonna happen, because, in all reality, you are cattle  that are owned by the NHL. You just don’t do as much, like provide the world with milk and food that feed millions.   

Does it sound like I’m bitter?  Yeah, I’m really bitter.  

Ergo, enjoy your nice houses and cars, and try not to worry too much about the people that really fucking matter in all of this.  We wouldn't want to get any dirt on those Gucci shoes and thousand dollar suits.  

NHL Fans

Ex-NHL fans

P.S. ~ Don Fehr’s ego is bigger than your paycheck…Might want to figure this out before it’s too late.