Brodeur, Devils Send Bullies Further Down Their Skid | Devils 3 - 0 Flyers

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013

The Flyers 2012-13 season's slogan is "Let's Go!" Let's go where? Because this 0 - 3 - 0 team has no direction. Whether it's the lack of finish in 5-on-5 scenarios, not capitalizing the least bit on power plays, or their dreadful inability to kill penalties, the only place this team is going is in the wrong direction. 

Skating in and out of Newark, NJ, the Flyers are still winless after three regulation losses into the schedule. That has happened only twice in our franchise's history before tonight (1990, 1995). Despite spending more time in the Devils zone than a tick on a raccoon's ass, the 40-year old Marty Brodeur laid a goose egg on Philadelphia's parade with a final score of 3 - 0.  

Through the first half of the game, the Devils managed only 5-shots on goal and potted 3 of them, which included a shorthanded penalty-shot buried behind Bryzgalov by a dangling Ilya Kovalchuk. 

5-pucks on net. 3-goals. 

Concurrently, the Flyers put 14-shots on Brodeur and never lit the bulb. But once New Jersey went on a route, peppering Bryz in net like a clay pigeon, the Devils were denied through 45-minutes of contention. Go figure. 

An immensely frustrating tilt that's left one thing for sure -- this team's lost. 

Bryz faced 26-shots and denied 23. It was a rough evening for the netminder who's been carrying a save-percentage that paints a severely different picture than how he's actually played of late. But if there's one thing more agitating than a dimwitted Bryzgalov hater, it's a Bryzgalov apologist. These goals against us may not be his fault, but if you feel the need to constantly argue that time and time again with a naysayer then their lack of hockey intelligence is not worth exploring. 

Start breaking down how our defense and back-checking couldn't eliminate a group of Girl Scouts rather than coming off like a vexatious broken record. You don't sound like you know what you're talking about. You sound like a homer.

Can we talk about the man-advantage for a minute?

Ha! "Advantage." The word indicates the possibility of a positive development. To the 2012-13 Flyers, it's been a curse. Tonight our boys went on the power play a total of five times. Judging from the final score, I'm betting you can guess how many we capitalized on. 

Laviolette says he's happy with the puck's movement during our man-advantages. I'm wondering whether he's vacationed to Colorado recently because no amount of Panama Red could get me high enough to agree. We're back to Claude Giroux trying to get cute with the rubber rather than firing the puck on goal. 

When you take the shot, good things will follow. You'll either molest the twine, pick up an assist on the second-chance, or reboot the play from the faceoff dot. Instead I'm watching our scorers attempt passes that only get cut off through the slot and sent back up towards Bryzgalov's end. It's enough to make Flyers fans rip out their hair and kick their cat through drywall. 

Our defensemen are still missing the net from the points. At this rate, I suggest to those with ice row tickets behind the opposing goal to wear earplugs. Because our shots are connecting with nothing but glass. 

Are there any positives? Well, the Flyers killed two 5-on-3 penalties and looked impressive doing so. Brayden Schenn dropped mitts with Steve Bernier to cap off the 3rd period, hopefully swinging some life to Thursday's game against the Rangers. 

Earlier on in the 2nd, Wayne Simmonds gave Brodeur a cross-check in retaliation to David Clarkson taking a run at Timonen. In the fifteenth minute of the 3rd, Simmonds and Clarkson decided to share fisticuffs which excited me about as much as herpes on a toilet seat. 

I didn't need to see life at the bitter end of the final frame. I needed to see finish on one of the handfuls of opportunities that were given to us through 60-minutes of seething hockey. I needed to see better protection in front of our net. 

Yea, it's only three games into a season, no need to cause hysteria. But we have a short window in this abbreviated, condensed schedule to get something going. Four, five or (dare I say) six game losing streaks will absolutely affect the Playoff seeding....

....that's assuming that this is a Playoff caliber Club.

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