B. Schenn Has a Date with "ShanaBan", 1:30 ET

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013 -

Through Tuesday night's loss to the Devils, Flyers forward Brayden Schenn delivered a contraversial hit to New Jersey defenseman Anton Volchenkov. The action occurred in the thirteenth minute of the 2nd period where Schenn came off the bench and seemingly left his skates prior to the contact on Volchenkov --

Earlier Wednesday morning, TSN analyst Bob McKenzie tweeted some unfortunate news for Flyers fans --

This teeth-shattering blast that Schenn remitted may have broken two rules according to the NHL's Rule Book:  Rule 48.1 Illegal Check to the Head --

A hit resulting in contact with an opponent's head where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact is not permitted. However, in determining whether such a hit should have been permitted, the circumstances of the hit, including whether the opponent put himself in a vulnerable position immediately prior to or simultaneously with the hit or the head contact on an otherwise legal body check was avoidable, can be considered ... If deemed appropriate, supplementary discipline can be applied by the Commissioner at his discretion

Rule 42.1 Charging --

A minor or major penalty shall be imposed on a player who skates or jumps into, or charges an opponent in any manner. Charging shall mean the actions of a player who, as a result of distance traveled, shall violently check an opponent in any manner. A “charge” may be the result of a check into the boards, into the goal frame or in open ice ... If deemed appropriate, supplementary discipline can be applied by the Commissioner at his discretion

I'm not going to lie, Schenn's hit, though awesome, could definitely be labeled a charge. After it had happened I was waiting for the officials to blow the play dead and send Brayden to the box. Could his momentum have carried him through the hit, lifting his skates, and that's what we're seeing? It's difficult to tell. Once the contact is made, Brayden's skates are both visibly off the ice. The questions now are -- did he leave his skates prior to the hit, and are they TOO high off the ice to save him from a possible suspension?

Bob McKenzie believes this offense will be fined rather than the "ShanaBan Hammer" being dropped on Schenn. Either way, supplementary discipline will follow this hit. Shanahan feels the need to send an early message to all players, especially those who are skating in their early careers. 

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