My Twitter Time with 97.5 The Fanatic's Phil from Mt. Airy

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Thursday, May 09, 2013 --

Philadelphia houses some of sports' most imbecilic journalists and media figures I have had the displeasure of being exposed to. It's a shame our hockey market is considered a niche following in this town, which is the reason why we're subjected to such a small sampling of "professional" hockey writers. 

Then there are the talking heads on sports-talk radio; none more-so than Phil Allen, aka Phil from Mount Airy

Awhile back, Phil decided to go on air one day and share an opinion about our Philadelphia Flyers. Allen communicated that defenseman Luke Schenn has been the Flyers largest disappointment this season. 

I'll spare you any further exposition and get straight to the point.... Today I took to Twitter, located Phil's account, noticed a tweet of his related to Playoff hockey, and decided to throw him a piece of my mind --

That about does it. I'm assuming Phil was one of those confused spectators out there who believed we were getting a #1 shutdown blueliner in Luke Schenn.

Let me be clear (if I wasn't clear enough in my tweets); the possibility of Luke becoming a legitimate #1 defenseman is slim to none. However, I truly believe he's on the bubble of becoming a true Top 2 d-man. And he has certainly exceeded expectation; that's not an opinion.... that's mathematically proven thanks to an outstanding writeup by Broad Street Hockey's associate editor, Kurt R.

But let's not bring that article to Phil's attention. It'll only disrupt that lameass mountain top he shouts from like a wild animal marking his territory.

Phil from Mount Airy is never wrong. Ever. Didn't you know that? After all, he correctly predicted the Philadelphia Eagles winning 2012's Super Bowl Championship!!!! 

........shit, wait

Carry on, Phil, you dolt.

Editor's Update:

I admit, after I got done writing this blog I began creeping on Phil's Twitter timeline. I noticed a photo he tweeted captioned, "#Flyers Claude Giroux signs my sons jersey at #FightForLives Carnival today!!"

Only I noticed a slight, very ironic problem....


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