A Non-Story That Needs Addressing, Put to Bed

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 --

In the world of sports journalism, it is incredibly easy for a writer to speculate on a team's aftermath, especially when that team is playing as poorly as the Philadelphia Flyers. In a variety of cases, I call this "lazy reporting". It is my belief that it takes very little creativity to cobble up non-news stories fed from a fanbase's spectrum of negative emotion. An angry mob is much more manipulable when they're looking for someone, anyone to blame. 

Hey, I'm no different. I am not implying that I'm impermeable to frustration and unadulterated rage. If you watch a Flyers game with me, you'd know that. 

But once the yearn for chaos subsides and my hands loosen from clenched fists, I like to think that I allow logic to sweep in and clean up. Unfortunately for the masses, that's not the case; red-eyed rage remains in a lengthened stay. Fanatics become metaphoric zombies, starving for flesh off the bones of tabloid news. And that is why muckrakers and non-stories thrive like airborne viruses.

In recent events, Philly.com had posted a poll asking their readers if they think General Manager, Paul Holmgren, should lose his job due to the miserable start to the 2013-14 campaign. As expected, the news site received exactly what they wanted and shared the (virtually) unanimous results; "We want Homer outta town."

Of the 4,400 votes they received, 93% -- or 4,092 people -- voted 'Yes' on Holmgren's extraction. 

To no surprise whatsoever, Flyers beat writers swung this census like a medieval mace in their interview with Club President, Peter Luukko, who took no time shooting it down...

"When things aren't going well, the timing of the poll is what directly relates to the answers. To us, it doesn't mean anything," Luukko told Inquirer's Sam Carchidi.

In my humble opinion, Luukko's response to the poll was flawless. A worthless ballot conjured up by a team of local TMZ wannabes, and Pete is supposed to treat it like it has any merit? Since when do fans know what they want? Never mind, the better question is -- since when do fans KNOW HOW to get what they want?

Peter followed up his reply with assuring us that Paul Holmgren's employment status is not in jeopardy. Naturally, your reaction to that may be a tad.... WTF?

"You fuckin' serious?"

First off, since when the hell has this management crew ever shared honest forethought with the press? For years, we have been subjected to the decision-makers telling us one thing, then following that up with a contradicting act. Flyers management has been like a magic show on the Vegas strip; they fool you into looking at one hand, while the trick is performed by the other. 

I can almost guarantee Homer's ass is crackling in his hot seat like fried bacon. I don't need the Flyers president to validate or reject that token. I'll let the proof speak for itself while Holmgren and the rest of the chuckleheads watch from their owner's suite continuing to make habitual, suspect adjustments. 

But alas, the Philadelphia media received what they needed from Luukko. His response was predictable like Snooki on Spring Break, but as truthful as they are, Luukko's words have been deviated against him and the rest of the Flyers office. The media uses the interview to provoke an already cantankerous crowd. 

"See! Your team doesn't give a damn what you want!"

Amid this storm of perturbing manipulation, there exists a body of coherent fans who can differentiate the Smoke & Mirrors show and what actually lies beneath the rough waters...

....which isn't any better than the surface, but I jest. 

Meanwhile, in the shadowy corners of the Wells Fargo Center...

Here's the point I'm getting at; Take everything Peter Luukko, Paul Holmgren and Ed Snider tell you with a grain of salt. And if a report is anything other than factual, practical incidences or statistics, treat our city's beat writers like the gossipy barber shop that they are. 

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