Bring Me All Your Hockey .Gifs

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 --

Technology is an untamable beast, God love it. I'm about as tech savvy as a chimp with two feet for hands; hell, I'm still in awe that I know how to operate this blogsite. And .Gif files just blow me away. I find most of them very funny, and sometimes just downright hilarious. The hockey world hasn't missed out on this continuing, shuffling, web-cinematic gold, so I've decided to keep a cache of my personal favorites here in this particular forum. 

If you notice that I'm missing one or a thousand that deserve attention, send their URL's my way on Twitter: @MikeyD_OandBP and I'll add them in. After all, I want this to ultimately become a central hub for those looking for a particular hockey .gif. Wanna use one or more? Right click on the image, copy the Image URL and paste it in your browser, or copy the HTML code in the Inspect Element option. 

Let the epicness commence.... (note: the order in which these are displayed is completely random)

Kesler's dive recycled into this gem...

Green Men.jpg