OBP And Our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Friday, August 08, 2014 --

I wanna start this off by saying no one.... NO ONE.... is going to beat NHL 4th Liner, Paul Bissonnette, in these ALS Ice Bucket Challenges --

That right there is a prime example of how to spend your fortunes.

A few days ago, a Pittsburgh Penguins blog named Pens Initiative put a video together of their contributors participating in the latest and craziest awareness movement. Within the video, around the 1:35 mark, your boys at Orange & Black Pack got called out! So, we have answered the bell. 

These Ice Bucket Challenges are everywhere; in fact, this article is just adding to the white noise. But whatever, this is for charity. And speaking of charity, to each of you out there all hot & bothered over these videos, believing it'd be better off if people spent time donating actual dollars rather than in front of a camera..... you're wrong -- see here and here, for example.  Besides, people are having legitimate fun creating their own pieces to this nationwide puzzle. 

Let the haters hate. Meanwhile, here we are, your Orange & Black Pack cronies: Tim March, Joe Bogle, Jeromy Spencer, Nick Arnold, and myself -- Michael DeNicola...

Mikey D

As I state in the video, Tim Panaccio has me blocked on Twitter. I'll need some help from our readers and whoever else to get my challenge in front of his face. You can reach him at @tpanotchCSN

UPDATE! 10:13am, 08/15


UPDATE #2! 10:23am, 08/15

I'll hold you to that, Sam!

UPDATE #3! 12:19pm, 08/15, Timmy P follows through!

We've embedded his video at the bottom of the article...

Nick Arnold

Jeromy Spencer

Joe Bogle

Joe understands everyone is doing this Ice Bucket Challenge in support of the fight against ALS, but he's soaking himself for a fight on a different front. A coworker/friend of Joe's at FedEx named Tom Conway has been dealing with an inoperable brain tumor since 2003. 

In 2005, it grew and his insurance company would not cover another operation. He went to a place named Vickie's Angel Walk who helped Tom with his copays and whatever else he needed. So, every year Tom and many others go on a charity bike ride with 100% of the donations going towards the Vickie's Angel Foundation

This year, Joe and his lovely wife are donating $40 to the cause. If you can please check out the website, and perhaps donate, we know Tom and the Foundation will be eternally grateful. 

I will also match Joe's $40 to both the Vickie's Angel Foundation and the ALS Association; the more, the merrier!

(here's a link to Tom's website as well)

Tim March

If you wish to donate, here's a link to the ALS Association's website. We had fun making these videos, and we had even more fun donating to a cause to cure the disease. The awareness and contributions have reached into the millions of dollars nationwide; compare that to the tens of thousands of dollars the charity received by this time last year.... I'd say the Ice Bucket Challenge has been quite a success!

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