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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Monday, October 13th, 2014 --

I'll make this very short and sweet -- if the Flyers coaching staff is going to continue shuffling Brayden Schenn up, down and around the Top 6, perhaps it'd be in everyone's best interest to just move the hell on and quit hindering whatever more growth this kid has to tap. 

He was once perhaps the nucleus on the Mike Richards return, but I believe we can all agree we've hit pay dirt on Wayne Simmonds. 

I have nothing against Schenn, and I think he's going to turn into a very solid, consistent NHLer someday. But at this rate, much to the help of Lecavalier continuing to be a disaster financially & scheme-wise, it's generating more question-marks than any promising windows into our future. 

If the Flyers do decide to move on from Brayden Schenn one day soon, perhaps this trade scenario fits the bill....

C Brayden Schenn (23) & SJ 2015 3rd Round pick to Boston. In return, the Flyers receive LW Loui Erikkson (29) & PHL 2015 2nd Round pick (originally traded to NYI for Andrew fucking MacDonald, then traded to BOS for Johnny Boychuk).

Both players' contracts end after the 2015-16 season. Boston gets younger & receives an RFA contract, and the trade gets them under the cap. The Flyers receive a legitimate Top 6 LW for Giroux, and our maximized LTI Relief absorbs the added difference in AAV. 

Boston already has two selections in the 2nd Round of 2015, none in the 3rd. We have no selections in the 2nd Round, and we're in need of stocking the farm with higher value prospects even more.

Once again, this isn't me panicking. I am not pulling the trigger on Brayden Schenn because I think he "sucks" or because I believe he's a terrible forward. But if Hextall has the future in mind and Schenn remains a cloudy, questionable piece to that future, there's room for benefit here. 

Just a small trade thought this afternoon.

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