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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 --

Published by the Philadelphia Daily News, sports writer Marcus Hayes has a suggestion for the Philadelphia Flyers ---

This team’s best players are Claude Giroux and Jake Voracek.

This team cannot win without a better defense. It can not win a single playoff series.

Considering the defense is at least 2 years from bearing the fruit of the Flyers’ wise investments, the only logical course, for now, is for general manager Ron Hextall to trade Giroux and Voracek. They have their maximum value now, and it would save a ton of money in the process.

Giroux is 27, and, possessed of uncanny vision, wonderful instincts, magical hands and nimble feet, he is a wonder to behold. He is worth every bit of his $8.275 million average annual value, which runs through 2022.

Giroux also is miscast as captain in Philadelphia, a city with a deserved reputation for being merciless. More and more, Giroux has become easier to contain in 5-on-5 situations.

With a different club, freed of the captaincy burden and helped by a different lineup, Giroux could make a real run at the Hart Trophy. Every player with his talent deserves that at least once in his career, and that won’t happen in Philadelphia for a couple of seasons.

Voracek, who will be 26 next season, has blossomed into his pedigree, when he was picked seventh overall in 2007.

The case for keeping Voracek might be stronger. He’s bigger than Giroux, at 6-2 and 214 pounds. He’s a little younger. For now, he’s cheaper, by about half.

Voracek also is a free agent after next season, which introduces several variables. Perhaps the Flyers will pre-emptively extend him to cement a talent base for the future. Perhaps they believe he is a product of Giroux’s genius and hope to unload him for picks or prospects. Perhaps they can market him as a short-term risk for whoever gets him.

It just seems foolish to waste two players’ prime years on a team destined for mediocrity. They will be relentlessly ground down the next two seasons, assuming Voracek stays, while the Flyers are hopelessly outclassed by at least five or six other clubs in the Eastern Conference and by at least as many in the West.

Two bad deals brought the Flyers costly, faded stars at forward. Bad luck cost them veteran defensemen.

That is the past.

Trading Giroux and Voracek frames the future.

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