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Bryzgalov Is A Goofball, We Love It

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by Michael DeNicola

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When news broke of the NHL's realignment, many of the Flyers haven't had a chance to really let it soak in. Bench boss Peter Laviolette said he hasn't gotten around to digesting the Four Conference facelift, he's too busy thinking about Buffalo. 

Max Talbot appreciates how every city will be able to see every single team and the league's star players at least once in their barn. 

And then there's Ilya Bryzgalov (jump to 1:35) --

"Yach'know, man! DAT'S A MUCH....MORE TRAVEL, HUH!?!?!"

And it's not what he said, but it's how he said it. Up till then, you had all these Flyers players with serious, monotone reactions and replies. Then you get to Bryz and he belts off like a Russian Don Cherry

That's not a knock on Ilya. I personally wouldn't have him and his antics any other way. But who knows if he's seriously angry, or just trying to be a goofball? Nevertheless, I had to replay the same four seconds over and over again. 

Please tell me one of you out there has the capability of turning that soundbyte into a text notification. Because I want it. I want it badly. 

I can just imagine myself in a business meeting with a new client. The board room is all ready to go and to begin talking money. Then all of a sudden those words in broken-English come screaming from my pants pocket, and every face at the table slowly turns my way with an expression of confusion. Like as if they just heard a nun fart, or something. 

We love ya, Bryz. You're like our own Rob Schneider in our audience --

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