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We're wrong folks. 

I have been looking at it wrong for years. I blamed most Penguins fans for their "snobbish ways" when it comes to the sport of hockey. I was wrong, I don't blame them anymore. I blame guys like former wrasslin announcer and Pittsburgh radio shock jock Mark Madden, I blame Paul Steigerwald, homer play by play man for the Pens and Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Gazette for brain washing the Penguins fans into thinking something they are not. I will apologize to the Penguins fans when I see them from now on, they don't know any better.

Here ya go --

"A few -- I'll call them the lunatic fringe -- are saying the Penguins should look into trading him before the rest of the hockey world discovers he's soft.


Leave the nonsensical "Cindy" Crosby stuff to the moronic hockey fans in Philadelphia.You are better than that here."

"Moronic", a professional writer (not a blogger) just called you, the Flyers fans, morons.

The Pens fans are better than that. Better than what exactly?

I never claim that Flyers fans are perfect, but DO NOT try to claim that Penguin fans are somehow superior to Flyers fans. Please.....don't. Flyers fans are known worldwide as one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and toughest crowd when it comes to the sport of hockey.

I took time to write to Mr. Cook and expressed what I felt about his article (seen here):


I just want you to know how much I appreciate that Flyers, and their fans, are always on the mind of Penguins, their fans and even their writers. 

In an article about the health of Sidney Crosby, you felt it was the best time to call the fans of the Flyers "Moronic", why? Because we boo the best player in the world? Because we wish Crosby to get healthy and come back to the NHL 100%? Yeah, we're moronic.

But Penguins fans are better than that, right Ron?

Guess we were moronic when we saw our star lying on the Igloo ice after a jarring hit by Darius Kasparitis and the Penguins fans CHEERING and banging on the glass as it took three players carrying Eric Lindros to the dressing room.

But Penguins fans are better than that, right Ron?

I know I know....we yell CROSBY SUCKS! when he's not playing. That makes you better than us. But Ron, how quickly you forget the fans of both the Capitals and Penguins, at the Winter Classic, cheering in unison "FLYERS SUCK, FLYERS SUCK!"

I guess this still makes you better than us.

You know what makes us better than you, Ron? We don't desert our team. We're there for the good times, and bad. We're passionate, we're knowledgeable and dog-gone it, people like us. How do I know?Even professionals like yourself can't help but bring us up in Crosby articles.

I probably won't hear back from you but this "Moronic fan" had to say something.

Have an awesome Wednesday, Ron. I know I will. My team and our moronic fans are atop the Conference.

~ Joe B (Writer, orangeandblackpack.com)

I had a ton of other topics I could have brought up, but I think Mr. Cook gets the idea. 

As of now, Ron has not responded. If you care to take a minute of your day and let Ron know how "Moronic" we are and send him an email, you can do so to this address: rcook@post-gazette.com

Just show Mr. Cook why this is the best fan base, not only in the state, but in the entire NHL.

*P.S. ~  I know there's a ton of good Penguins fans but I felt if all Flyers fans were labeled as Moronic by a writer, I'm sure I can call the entire Penguins fanbase "bandwagon fans", its easy just to label an entire fan base that way, it seems.

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