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Players Getting the Cold Shoulder

Created 7 years 30 days ago
by Joe Bogle

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Sidney Crosby had a press conference, stating he's still not 100% after taking a shoulder to the head in January. 8 months ago.

Marc Savards' career is pretty much over at the age of 34 because of concussion symptoms. He's had a few of them; the most recent (and arguably most controversial) came from an elbow/shoulder hit from Matt Cooke.

Eric Lindros had a few concussions as well. One was an open ice (LEGAL) hit from Scott Stevens, a violent collision that ended Lindros' days in Orange and Black. Also from a shoulder to head shot.

My question -- At what point will the NHL and the NHLPA realize that the reason these hits are causing concussions, could be the "state of the art" equipment?

I didn't hear about concussions until Pat Lafontaine started having them. Right around the time the shoulder and elbow pad equipment started getting harder and lighter. Yes it does protect your shoulder and elbow very well, but now players are leading with this equipment, knowing their shoulders and elbows will be A OK after the hit.

Here is the equipment Joe Sakic has used since 1989 until his retirement.

Here is Mike Ribeiros'.

Players and the talking heads in the NHL headquarters are wondering how to cut back on concussions, how bout giving Bauer, Jofa and Nike a call, tell them to tone down the equipment.

Maybe the guy who used the same shoulder pads his entire career, Brendan Shanahan, will give them a wake up call and set the record straight. I'm sure the people at Reebok will now listen, especially with their star out for going on 9 months. 


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