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Time To Rid Shelley of Orange

Created 6 years 332 days ago
by Michael DeNicola

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The experiment is done. Over. Take Jody Shelley and his $1.1M AAV, and bury them six feet below the ice surface. 

If you've been reading my articles long enough, then you're well aware of my immense animosity towards Jody. Not him personally, but for his overall existence on this Flyers roster. 

He's been a questionable addition dating back to the day our organization sought out for, and signed the 6'3" enforcer from Manitoba. I figured it was Paul Holmgren's reaction to the New York Rangers inking the late Derek Boogaard to a ridiculous contract. Perhaps it had more to do with how Shelley played against us late in the 2009-10 season when he wore the blue sweater of the Empire State. Take your pick. 

But it's over. At least it needs to be. 

Halfway through last night's 2nd period, the Leafs stretched the puck into our zone's backboards. As Toronto's forward Darryl Boyce went to play the puck, our very own Jody Shelley soon arrived putting Boyce's face on the glass hard enough to create a snot trail leading down to the ice. 

It was a blatant boarding penalty. 

Instead of holding himself back from an illegal hit, Shelley decided to lower his shoulder on an unsuspecting opponent's back in a preseason game. It cost Jody a 5-minute Game Misconduct and a meeting with the NHL's newly assigned disciplinarian, Brendan Shanahan. 

This aint Shelley's first rodeo. He's been suspended twice just last season for similar acts on the ice. Only this time he went after someone's nameplate in preseason, and at a point in time when the league's cracking down on such hits like a worldwide epidemic. 

Like I said, he's got a meeting scheduled with Shanahan today at sometime. He could be facing a larger suspension than 2 or 4 games considering he's a legitimate repeat offender. 

If this instance isn't more than enough evidence to show the Flyers brass that one of these younger prospects should get a roster spot over Shelley, I don't know what is. What does Jody have to do to get the emperor's thumbs down? Does he physically have have to walk into Snider's office, drop his pants and pinch a peanut-filled turd on Ed's oak desk?

Tom Sestito, a 6'5", 228 pound gorilla of a man is ready to fill that enforcer role if this team's management feels they desperately need one. And Sestito's HALF the cap hit. Not only is he bigger than Shelley, he skates faster and shows a bit more promise offensively. But that's just semantics. 

After the boarding call, Maple Leafs' tough guy, Jay Rosehill, stepped in to lay down the law on Jody. The two dropped mitts and continued on a barrage of fists and blood for a solid minute. Shelley skated away with a lacerated eyebrow while Rosehill entered the sin box unscathed. 

I pray these words fall in eyesight of someone with managerial authority from the Flyers office (who am I kidding? It won't). Cut your losses and send Shelley's ass through waivers. Cut your losses. No one's picking that bag of meat up off the wire. Let that contract of his rot in Adirondack. 

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