Voracek Admits the Kronwall Crushing Was His Fault, Keep Those Hits in the Game >

Nevermind the fact that whoever built this video blatantly placed the wrong jersey number adjacent to Voracek's name in his title, and just focus on what Jakub's saying here --

Voracek spoke with the press earlier today and told them he's feeling fine. Which is a relief considering the devastating blow he received from Niklas Kronwall yesterday shook his friggin' brainstem

He's not feeling woozy, or any of the many symptoms that would suggest he's suffered a brain injury/concussion. But please note that does not mean he won't feel anything tomorrow morning or even the day after that. 

Concussions are funny like that. Symptoms can hibernate and rise up later on. More importantly, I'm just glad he's feeling good now and in high spirits. 

Jakub tells the press that he thinks the hit was "clean". He admitted he had his head down when the blow was administered. Though it was a "tough hit to take", Voracek firmly believes those hits should remain in the game. 

And he's right. 

Many of us were upset with Kronwall, which is understandable. Niklas could have knocked Jakub off the puck in a less aggressive way, but hockey's hockey. It's a contact sport. The Wings were down a goal, and Kronwall set the tone with the carnality that is deep-rooted in every fiber which makes it hockey. 

Voracek may have been in a vulnerable position, but he put himself there. The Wall of Kron decided to expose it. Had that been a Flyer delivering the smack on a Wing, we all would have stiffened our drawers and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on their sweater. 

Then again, had that been a Flyer.....Shanahan may have sentenced the aggressor to life in prison. 

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