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The Arron Asham suspension, I can accept that. 

Suspended 4-games, he's officially done for the Series, and a good chance he's done in Pittsburgh. The cross-check looked much worse in real time and he was sticking up for his teammate (not an excuse for punching the man while he's down though). 

The James Neal suspension I don't get. 

As Mike stated in his spot on article -- how can Shanny give a suspension for charging a player while giving a head shot (in any manner) but over look the other? Makes ZERO sense. I don't buy the "incidental contact" business. After Scooter stood Malkinstein up for the umpteenth time, you could actually see the light go on in Neal's eyes. THEN he took the run at Scooter. A guy who has been suspended once (2-games for hitting from behind) and fined twice for reckless actions. 

Well, I thought Asham would get 6-games, and Neal would get two separate $2,500 fines. The explanation from Herr Shanahan in his suspension video is what has my blood boiling. 

What I find funny, Andrew Shaw makes incidental contact with a goalie -- who is loaded with equipment -- and suspended 3-games (no previous suspensions or fines). 

Carl Hagelin lands a blow to Alfredssons noggin, he's given a 3-game suspension (no previous suspensions) but Alfie did suffer an injury. (Hey Shanny, HOW do YOU know Giroux or Scooter didn't suffer injuries?). You think it was just a coincidence that "G" and Couturier have been the Flyers best players this series and these are the two guys Neal targets??? WHY AM I SHOUTING?

Remember all the talk about getting rid of the head shots? Well, you had TWO on one shift, and once again....you dropped the ball.

I guess if Zac Rinaldo tonight, in a blow out, hits Crosby in the head but was deemed "incidental contact", he'll only get one game to sit next to Tom Sestito in the press box? Oh yeah, he won't. 


  1. Because he's a 4th liner, and...
  2. Has a history (but so does Neal) 

Today is a new day, can not worry about the past. Pens are without two key members of their team and a gritty player in Asham. Joe Vitale and local boy Eric Tangradi will be in the lineup tonight. The Pens are a very good team when faced with adversity. 

Flyers look for the sweep tonight. 

7:30 on CSN and TSN

Bogle's Fisticuffs

Back in the 1989 playoffs, Chris Chelios leaped and elbowed Brian Propp in the head. Propp was knocked out, and Chelios played on. 

During the final game of the Series, when the game was out of reach, Flyers enforcer Ron Hextall jumped Chelios as he crossed the blue line on an offside and threw haymaker after haymaker into the dirty Chelios. 

When asked if Hextall regretted the incident: "Of course I did. I got suspended the next year for 12-games (to start the 1989-90 season). So essentially you cost your team your services at the start of the next season. I regret it, but reflecting back, I believe it was the right thing to do at the time."

Go get 'em, Bryz!

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