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In the past I've brought this idea up, and no better time to bring it up again because it's going to happen in a few days -- It's time for Gary Bettman to relinquish his role of "Presenting the Cup" to the Captain of the Stanley Cup Champions.

I know, I know, everyone loves to boo Bettman  so why stop this trend? 

Well, the Stanley Cup is the best Trophy in sports and it should be respected that way. After a squad drops all the blood, sweat and tears to win those 16 grueling games and the Commissioner comes out to present Stanley's Mug, you hear booing, it kinda  takes the luster out of the event.

I feel the Stanley Cup should be handed to the Captain of the victors by a legend from that teams' organization. 

I believe the opposing fans would be hard pressed to boo if a legend, or a former great, hands the Cup to the Captain. Can you see Devils fans booing Marcel Dionne giving the Trophy to Dustin Brown or Kings' fans booing Scott Stevens handing the Cup to Zach Parise? 

Maybe, maybe not. 

Mario Lemieux to Crosby, Bobby Hull giving the Award to Jonathon Toews two seasons ago etc. Imagine the reaction by Flyers fans -- when they finally win it -- when the guy giving the Cup to Chris Pronger (Or Claude Giroux), is Bobby Clarke? 

Some teams are not rich in history like the Hawks or Flyers.. Then what? 

Say the Blue Jackets win the Cup, well, who is their legend?  If that's the case, the Captain of the previous winning Club can award the Trophy to Rick Nash. I don't think Zdeno Chara would be booed any louder than Bettman, unless it's in Montreal and they have a warehouse stocked full of so many NHL milestones you'd swear it was like King Tut's Tomb of hockey. So that's not a problem.

This can work, folks. I don't know if the Commish would allow this, perhaps he enjoys being booed. I think it's time for this tradition  to end, and no better time.....than now.

I bid you adieu.

Let's go Flyers!

Bogle's Fisticuffs

Even though he only played 3 seasons with the Orange and Black, Roman Cechmanek is 2nd all time in shutouts by a goalie wearing the Flyers crest with 20. First, of course, is the great Bernie Parent with 50. Ilya Bryzgalov is already 13th all time with 6 shutouts.

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