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Here I go again. Throwing fuel on an already violent forest fire. My problem (well, one of the few thousand, anyway) is that I tend to be gullible and feed RIGHT into a trap set by an individual who is just looking for the attention. I guess my readers profit a little from it, seeing as how there's a small handful of you who enjoy my ranting. Well, get ready for another dose. 

Damien Cox is a sports columnist for the Toronto Star. He's reported and written news for the Maple Leafs for over two decades, and his name's synonymous with Leaf Nation. Perhaps the hockey world as a whole. 

Whether you know about him, or this is the first he's come to your attention, I believe we can all agree that his latest post on Twitter has us all scratching our heads and flipping him the finger --

"Don't feed the trolls, Mike!"

I can't....I can't help it! Like a moth to a flame, or a cocaine-covered dollar bill to the outstretched reaches of a Go-Go dancer, these idiots get me hook, line and sinker. 

First off, we've seen reporters/writers throw fans under the bus before. Or at the very least, the truth is skewed and manipulated in a way to get fans involved in the writer's own fabrication(s). Our own Sam Carchidi used us as pawns at the end of last season, trying to convince Philadelphia that Bryzgalov admitted his performance solely buckled under the pressures distributed by his hometown Flyers fanatics. After only doing 5-minutes of research, I found that to not be the truth. 

Secondly, we know sports reporters to be ruthless, deviant little assholes who --at the drop of a hat-- turn on the players they report after the players don't give them what they want. Why? To manipulate the fans. To use us against the players, or against the system. 

These tactics give the reporter a brand. It puts their name out on the wire. In turn, it sells headlines, grosses popularity and profit, and the reporter can go home each night to caress that pretty new BMW that shrouds the probability of him having a tiny pecker.

In this regard, Damien's gone out on a line and bit the hand that feeds him. He's blaming ALL the National Hockey League fans (who are also his readers) for the wear & tear  dramatics firmly fixed within the present labor negotiations. 

Because we (the fans) returned to the arenas' seats and televisions, and welcomed the NHL back so quickly after the last lockout, it's given the Board of Governors and the Union this false sense of "We can do whatever the hell we please, for however the hell long we want"  attitude.

That's right, North America. It's YOU to blame for this lengthy ongoing diplomacy between millionaires and billionaires! It has nothing to do with the outrageously long, front-loaded SPC's the Club managers and players enter into year after year after year. It has nothing to do with the profit sharing program going on between the owners and their skating little minions. It's not their fault these negotiations could lead to another work stoppage. 

You know whose fault it is?

It's Sally in Calgary and that fucked up #1 Flames foam finger of hers. It's Dillon in Florida who's recently discovered that the Panthers aren't just an NFL team. It's Brad in San Jose who has his "Definitely gonna happen next year"  sign hanging in his office cubicle. It's Jacques-Élise and his pencil-thin mustache in Montreal whose throat is sore from screaming, "IT'S PRONOUNCED RISHH'ARD !!!" It's Bill in Kansas City wearing his 2007 custom made KC Penguins jersey. It's David in Winnipeg who is still icing down his hands and wrists from banging the glass from his ice row season ticket seats. It's Howard in Philadelphia who just got out on bail after visiting Geno's when the Bruins were in town.

It's all THEIR faults. Nevermind the standoff going on up North between two groups of professionals  who make their living off us inbreeding, lowdown scallywags.

Damien, my good man, congratulations. You got the rise you wanted out of a scumbag like me. Here it is. 

Now if you'll be so kind as to stuff it up your ass where the rest of your head belongs. 

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