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by Tim March

Wednesday, Feb. 06, 2013

Well, I will get this out of the way early….I’m not even sure why I have to write this game review.  Hell, I would imagine my colleague Michael Cosmo DeNicola already has the entire season of game reviews typed up on his computer.  After all, who, other than Biff Tannen, would be able to predict sports the way this guy can?

Ok….Enough inflating the already giant noggin of Mr. DeNicola.

There was actually a pretty damn exciting hockey game played as well.

The Flyers came into Tuesday’s tilt with the Tampa looking to build on the solid effort put forth against the Hurricanes.  With Hartnell and Simmonds still fighting the injury bug, the 14th place Flyers looked to the deep dark depths of their lineup for someone to step up.

The first period began slowly as if Beethoven himself had written a larghissimo opening to the tilt.  Before long, Zac Rinaldo would bring the vivace that we have all come to know and love.  The last time the Flyers and Lighting squared off, Lighting agitator BJ Crombeen took the advice of Tampa coach, Le Chiffre, and went after Flyers captain Claude Giroux.  This mere moments after Vincent Lecavalier and  Luke Schenn dropped the mitts.  You had to know Crombeen was going to be a target of Flyers tough guy Rinaldo. You just didn’t know Rinaldo was going to drop the 6’3” Crombeen like Taylor Swift’s boyfriend when she has writers block.  But, alas, the 5’10” Rinaldo pounded the much bigger Crombeen into submission setting the tone for the remainder of the tilt.

Just 4:25 into the second stanza the big fella from Rome waltzed into Lindback’s crease like Julius Caesar during his famous siege of Vercingetorix's bastion at Alesia in 52BC..  This Roman, of the New York variety, finished off a sweet deke slipping the biscuit 5-hole to put the home team up 1-0.

Congrats to Tom Sestito on his first goal as a Philadelphia Flyer!

From that point on the Flyers put the kibosh on the Lightning chances.

Even though a lucky bounce led to the Lightning’s Benoit Pouliot beating Bryzgalov, the Flyers never waivered, and soon enough Tommy came calling on Anders once more.  The 25-year-old Sestito undressed the Gävle, Sweden native quicker than a Victoria’s Secret model backstage during a fashion show.  Maybe #32 is the next Milan Lucic?




Moving along...

Despite being beat by that point blank Pouliot wrister midway through the third, Ilya Bryzgalov played absolutely stunning hockey.  Chock-full-o “How the hell did he stop that moments” the Russian netminder turned away 19 of 20 Lightning shots en route to his 4th victory of the season.

It was exciting to see the young team from south Philly finally put together a solid whole team effort from start to finish.  If anything, it certainly brings an air of excitement to the city of brotherly love.  Could this homestand be what the young Flyers need to turn around this shortened season?  Time will tell.  But, for now,  we can enjoy the Flyers third win and look towards Thursday’s contest with another Southeast division opponent, the Florida Panthers.

Until then...


Tim's "After the Whistle Rough Stuff"

"The Code"

You may have heard Mike Milbury and Keith Jones discussing “The Code” during the intermission show.  “The Code” refers to unwritten rules amongst the NHL tough guys.  For example, once a guy is down you let up, no hair pulling, no biting, etc.  Many, including Tampa’s Martin St. Louis and even NBC’s Pierre McGuire thought that Zac Rinaldo had encroached this invisible boundary, hitting BJ Crombeen while he was defenseless.  It was definitely borderline.  Had Crombeen not shown the antics of a fourth grader who had his legos knocked over, I might have thought BJ deserved a bit of mercy.  In this case, I wholeheartedly agree with Milbury, “Finish the Job”.  And that is exactly what Rinaldo did. One can only hope Crombeen is ok.  As for line stepping, look to the fight between Max Talbot and resident pussy, whiny, I make Sidney Crosby look like a man, Vincent Lecavalier.  In case you missed it….

Fast forward to the 00:47 mark.  

See how Talbot is flat on his back and the linesmen are already there?  Then Lecavalier decides to throw one last punch?  Yeah, Tampa, if you want to bitch about “The Code” maybe start with your whiny, punk, embarrassment of a captain.  Who names a player that holds out, underperforms, is lazy, demands traded, and plays when he wants, a captain anyway?  A team who has the same self entitled arrogance that their measley fanbase holds.  Go fuck yourselves, Tampa, you deserve a Stanley Cup about as much as a person on welfare deserves a set of 22”s on their Escalade.  Fuck you for 2004, fuck you so hard…..

Rant over.

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