Downie May Want to Revise His Vows >

by Michael DeNicola

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 --

When Steve Downie hit the free agent market, Flyers fans were relieved. He didn't exactly have a positive second tour in the Orange & Black, so it was no skin off our ass when Hextall decided not to re-sign the 27-year old energy player. 

But when July 1st rolled around and Pittsburgh picked him up, he had a message for all those opponents out there --

Downie is about as intimidating as a box of glow-in-the-dark rubbers, and doesn't protect his teammates half as well. In the opening frame of Wednesday's #RivalryNight (PHL @ PIT), Zac Rinaldo caught Sid the Kid along the boards and put him parallel on the ice....

Well, obviously Steve Downie was going to have none of that, right? I mean, he vowed to protect his star player, for crying out loud. And he'll be damned if some borderline 4th liner was going to give Crosby's foundation a shake.

So, Steve was beckoned while Rinaldo was out there. Downie saw an opportunity, and he took it... or at least he tried to take it.

Not today, scum nuts. 

Downie skated in thinking he had Rinaldo off guard. Instead, not only was Zac conscious of Steve on the ice, Rinaldo leveraged his center of mass and Downie's momentum, and spun the Pittsburgh player like a top. 

Downie's lid came loose, mid-flight, and by the time Zac withdrew from the play, Steve was trying to remember whether or not his guarantee  came with a return policy.

Our boys skated out of the Consol Energy Center with the 5 - 3 victory, solidifying our all-time record at 12-2-1 in Pittsburgh's newest barn. But just because we own your arena doesn't mean we're telling the attendance to hit the bricks so soon!

Cyclical, isn't it?


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