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by Michael DeNicola

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 --

As I'm sure most of you are aware, today is the 30th anniversary of Pelle Lindbergh's automobile accident. The injuries he sustained left him brain dead, and on Monday, November 11th, after his father had made the flight to the States from Sweden, Pelle was taken off life support and he passed away. 

The other two passengers in the car with Pelle suffered injuries themselves, but thankfully they made it through. 

In the next two days, you’ll see a lot of people paying tribute to a young man’s career—which was both storied and sadly cut short. You will also see people share an adrenalized disapproval of Pelle’s decision to get behind the wheel of his vehicle after having too much to drink. To many, they prefer to praise the performance of Lindbergh in goal, and focus strictly on that. And to many others, a story like Lindbergh’s ending with drunk driving is too much to allow them to honor his memory. And then there’s everyone in-between. 

It’s a controversial time in Flyers history. And no matter where your opinion lies on the spectrum, you’re not wrong. 

I was born in 1983. So I have zero memory of Pelle alive and wearing a Flyers uniform. But like most diehard Flyers fans of any age, I’ve read the books, seen the highlights, spoke to older friends and family. I appreciate the mark Pelle Lindbergh left on this organization. And although I clearly do not, nor ever will condone or enable drunk driving, today and tomorrow I choose to remember Pelle for being an amazing goaltender, an impactful player for the Orange & Black, and, from what I’ve read, a humble and nice human-being. 

In the end, we learn from our mistakes and grow from them. Unfortunately Pelle had to pay for one with his life. Let today and tomorrow share both honorable remembrance and awareness. 

Rest easy, Pelle.

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