Please Tell Me It Was Just A Nightmare, Caps Burn Flyers 5 - 2 >

You're not going to win every game. You're not going to lose every loss in OT, either. 

But tonight I wanted a win more than any other night on the schedule so far. Why? For a number of different reasons. 

The biggest reason obviously being the Washington Capitals were 5 - 0 - 0 skating into Philadelphia, and I wanted our boys to show the world just how overrated the undefeated Caps truly are. 

Boy, did we shit the bed. 

The match started off tilting in the Flyers corner. Claude Giroux potted the game's first puck on a breakaway created off of Wayne Simmonds' nifty little 180 degree poke check at neutral ice. Frankly, that's the only good news I can report. 

I don't know whether it was Hartnell's brilliantly abysmal playing late in the 1st, Briere's careless stick handling, our defense deflecting shots put on our own net, or Bryzgalov melting down after the third goal went past him, but the overall game was pure horror. 

Losing to Bruce Boudreau boils every ounce of blood that courses through my veins. The guy's a repugnant little bastard old man who drops more F-bombs than a film starring Joe Pesci. The very sight of him screaming from the bench is offensive. When his jowls begin to flap and his face turns beet red he resembles a half-circumcised penis that fell victim to frost bite. 

Ovechkin nested two goals behind Bryzgalov, and naturally celebrated each of them like he just saved the world from a meteor made of AIDs and Carlos Mencia jokes. 

Joel Ward got his first goal in a Capitals sweater, and Mathieu Perreault and Roman Hamrlik added to the 5 - 2 Washington victory. 

Ilya Bryzgalov capped off the night with an astounding .821 SV%, while Tomas Vokoun led from the other end with a percentage of .952. 

The Flyers out-shot the Capitals 42 to 28, yet Vokoun still managed to stop 40 of those. 

Sean Couturier skated away with his second NHL career goal scored which he potted late in the 3rd when the Flyers had a better chance at solving world hunger than they did at making a comeback. 

Brayden Schenn made his official debut as a Flyer tonight, and had a very productive game despite his minus-3 on-ice rating. He logged eleven minutes of ice time, had one shot on Vokoun, but spent most of his shifts throwing his 6'1", 190 pound frame on the bodies of Washington puck handlers. 

Not many positives to pull away from this tilt. 

Tonight was the biggest challenge for the Fly Boys, and one we were all hoping they'd pass. It was anything but. 

Some may say bringing Schenn up from Adirondack and switching up the line combinations may have shaken the chemistry from the roster. Matt Read and Jakub Voracek switched spots on the second and third lines, skating with different mates than they have the first five games. 

If that's enough to go out on the Caps, 5 - 2, then a few combo changes is the least of anyone's worries. 

But it's only six games into the schedule. There's always going to be matches like the one tonight. They suck. You hate them. But....the players got to put it behind them and get back to establishing the strategies that pushed them past Boston, New Jersey and Vancouver. 

A night on the town may help them forg.....wait, no, that was last year. 

Until Saturday, my fellow Flyers brethren!

Good night. Terrible hockey.


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