Claude Giroux is as durable as he is consistent in scoring >

Claude Giroux is as durable as he is consistent in scoring

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Thursday, December 5th, 2015 --

All of the following hockey statistics are up to date as of 4:50 PM ET, 12/10/2015

This season in particular, I have become obsessed with shoving Claude Giroux's statistics down the throats of his naysayers and skeptics. I'm tired of the "He's not Captain material" or the "He's overrated" or "He hasn't been elite since Jagr left."

These are comments I see almost daily on the Internet. People are poorly coupling the Flyers recent mediocrity with Giroux under-performing or not performing much at all. 

I had to witness fans and outsiders grill Giroux through the 2014-15 season for only scoring 11 of his 25 at even-strength. 

"He only scores on the power play!"

Does he? So, I'm supposed to ignore the fact that Giroux ranks in the Top 50 in even-strength goals since 2010-11? Or the fact that 56% of his 400 points since 2010-11 are even-strength points?

But never mind that. The whole "even-strength" argument is built with straw anyway. On to more important evidence.

It took him 398 games to reach that feat.

Speaking of those 400 points in 398 games…
  • Giroux scored a point or more in 254 of those 398 games; no NHLer has scored in more games than Giroux.
  • Of those 254 games, 111 of them were multipoint performances; no NHLer has had more multipoint performances in more games than Giroux.
  • Of those 254 games Giroux scored a point or more, the Flyers have won 63% of the time (159 wins). 
  • Of those 111 multipoint games, the Flyers have won 79% of the time (88 wins).

Claude has scored in 64% of the games he's played in since October, 2010, which says a lot about his consistency. From 2010-11 to 2013-14, he ended each of the four seasons by scoring in 65% of the games he played in. That took a dip in 2014-15 when he completed the campaign with a 63% consistency rate. This season so far, he’s sitting at 57% (28GP, 16 games with a point or more scored)…. yet he’s still on pace for 70 points.

There are only 11 NHLers who've played in more than 398 games since October, 2010. So these numbers don't only speak to Claude's scoring consistency, but also his durability. 

"But how many Cups does he have?"

Adam Burish has a Cup. Daniel Carcillo has two of them. What's your point?

But as long as you want to talk about Playoffs, let's look through Giroux's career numbers in the postseason...

In 57 Playoff games, Claude has tallied 23 goals and 61 points with 1,131 minutes of total ice time. That's 1.07 points per game, and 3.24 points per 60 minutes. 

In those 57 Playoff games, Claude has scored a point or more in 35 of them (61%). 

Of those 35 Playoff games, the Flyers won 23 of them (66%). 

More consistency, more impact presence. 

For comparison purposes, let's see how these Playoff averages stack against Patrick Kane's: he's an elite scorer, has plenty of success in the postseason, and no one is going to argue that Patrick Kane isn't a monster in the Cup Run. 

Chicago's most prolific scorer has competed in 116 Playoff games. Kane has tallied 48 goals and 114 points with 2,323 minutes of ice time. That's 0.98 points per game, and 2.94 points per 60 minutes. 

In those 116 Playoff games, Patrick has scored a point or more in 74 of them (64%). 

Of those 74 Playoff games, the Blackhawks won 52 of them (70%). 

Or how about Sidney Crosby?

100 Playoff games, 43 goals and 118 points. Through 2,152 minutes on the ice, Crosby has averaged 1.18 points per game and 3.29 points per 60 minutes. 

In those 100 Playoff games, Crosby has scored a point or more in 64 of them (64%). 

Of those 64 Playoff games, the Penguins won 44 of them (69%). 

Claude Giroux stacks up against the best because he's part of the best. He isn't overrated... he's more underrated than anything

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