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Twitter Convo: Jake Voracek

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by Michael DeNicola

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by Michael DeNicola

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 --

Yesterday I read a comment on the internet that said "Voracek is overrated." I didn't bother inserting myself into that dumpster fire of a conversation. Also, everyone is entitled to their own opinions based from whatever they've observed. It's all perception anyway, and perception is subjective. You'll never find everyone's opinion on the same page. 

Jake has been struggling a bit since returning from injury. Just today, he specified 'fatigue' being a contributing factor. And I certainly can believe that. Jake's had a "down year" when we bring points into the picture. He's tied for 8th on the Flyers in goals this season (10), but has still managed 50 points in 66 games. What he hasn't lost this year is his ability to generate offense with his supreme possession skill. 

To elaborate on that, I decided to head to Twitter and start asking my friend Charlie O'Connor about Voracek's controlled zone entries. Charlie tracks this data game-by-game, and generates reports throughout the season to help heighten all of our perception. 

Here's how our conversation went...

I recommend opening that link and giving his article a read. It really dives into the metrics, and provides a good visual for comparison purposes. 

I continued to probe for more data, more context...

I'm glad Charlie touched on the heavy 'dump & chase' style of Hakstol's playbook. As we're all aware, our freshman head coach had come into Philadelphia with a tweaked system which took some getting used to. Some players adapted quicker than others, and some players are still adapting. I believe Voracek falls under the latter; add that to the recent injury, and we've seen his points -- goals, more specifically -- have taken a hit. 

Jake's at 10 goals so far, and with six games left on the schedule... it's tough to imagine he'll double that total before the regular season ends. It'll be the first time he's missed 20 goals since 2011-12, his first season as a Flyer. And it sucks because the timing couldn't be worse --- his 8-year, $66 Million extension begins July 1. 

But Jake hasn't lost his ability to carry & control possession into the offensive zone and develop a high volume of scoring chances. Even in a system governed by the forecheck, Voracek complements the whole picture with a spice of finesse. 

Was this a down year? In some ways, yes. Absolutely. But Jake has never stopped showcasing the rudimentary formula to his elite playmaking skills. It's time everyone understands that.



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