Flyers Media Cut Off From Interviewing Bryzgalov, Whining Ensues >

Goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov is a talkative fella. One of the best personalities this team has seen since Jeremy Roenick. Well, that talkative fella the media fell in love now changing.

Coach Laviolette has put a new policy into place; No talking to the media from Bryz unless it's after a game.


He feels the media is distracting Ilya. It's Lavvy's team, if he feels a player is being taken advantage of then he'll put a new policy into place to stop it.

I'm sure the media (who are known for being reasonable people and never bellyaching over minor issues) will have no problems with this new policy ---

Who cares if Bryzgalov needs to get his head focused, and not concern himself with a barrage of questions from the media sharks? 

Who cares that when he was in Phoenix he only had one reporter to answer to on a daily basis so he might be a bit over whelmed!?!?!

The reporters, beat writers and media members have a deadline right? You need your fix of "Bryz Funnies"!!! 

This is why people talk about the Philly media being the worst in hockey.

The fourth estate already has enough access to these players on a daily basis. Back off! Bryzgalov's got to invest fifty-one millio....uh, 100% of his energy into righting the wrongs he's currently created for himself. This involves eliminating any unnecessary diversions.

Let the men play their sport, and if you want some interesting quotes from Ilya, just DVR the upcoming 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic Special that will be airing on HBO this winter.

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