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So yesterday Sir Bogle and myself posted two articles (1, 2) covering the whole mandated silence between the Flyers media and franchise goalie Ilya Bryzgalov brought on by Peter Laviolette. 

After Sam Carchidi of filed a complaint to the Professional Hockey Writers Association (PHWA), the association's president Kevin Allen contacted the Flyers and just like that....the "muzzle" was lifted. 

Bryzgalov is now to remain distant from the media only on the mornings of gamedays.

Just goes to show you that when these vultures piss, moan and bitch incessantly using their Twitter accounts, their columns and the employing daddy figure, they'll ultimately get what they want. 

We recognize and appreciate that these beat writers have a job to do. They have families to feed, clothes to buy, taxes to pay and Christmas gifts to shop for. Bryzgalov might be the most motley head in the locker room, and what comes flying out of his mouth is pure gold and makes headlines. I understand the frustration the writers felt once they heard their money-making watering hole got issued a stop light. 

But after all the complaining, the whining and getting their way, the media's proven one thing to me; They don't give a shit about this team. They don't give a shit how successful they become. They don't give a shit about the Stanley Cup parade filling this city's infamous Broad Street once again. 

No, they want headlines. They want quotes. And like I said in my piece yesterday, they're just looking for a comedic voice and heart wrenching reactions from Ilya. Because it sells. 

One thing you noticed after Bryzgalov's "Lost in the Woods" interview is that he cuts through the riffraff and says it like it is. It's never a rare occasion when Bryz refrains from spewing the same, vague hockey cliches. 

The press knows this. And the media members want to take advantage of this. As often as humanly possible. Even if it comes to the cost of Ilya Bryzgalov's settled peace of mind. 

If peace of mind was an endangered species of animal, the way this city's sports media reacted the last few days made them out to be the poachers. Here you have a man finally qualified enough to fill the position on this roster that's traditionally been occupied by a question-mark, and a head coach trying his best to make sure that man is ready to the best of his ability. 

Then you've got a group of unrighteous individuals, incapable of reporting the positives this move's attempted to generate, and they just piss all over the sanctity of this Silence campaign. 

It's pathetic. You have twenty-two other players in that locker room fully capable of opening their mouths and answering questions, but the media chooses to blitz and harass our goalie while he struggles to adjust between the pipes, adjust to a new city and team, adjust to a new conference, and adjust to an incredibly dramatic increase of press. 

On the slight chance this article falls in the lap of Ilya Bryzgalov, then I have a few words of advice --

'Sup, Bryz -

We have tons of confidence in you, my Russian friend. You'll break out of this skid you're in and become the dominant puck-stopping wall we believe you to be. 

As for the media issue, don't sweat it. In fact, use it against them. Use it as an opportunity to just be a bland, boring interview. When they ask you "What happened in the 3rd?" You respond with, "The ice was cold and my pads got sweaty."

Say it with a straight look on your face. 

When Panaccio asks, "What was it like getting a win against this opposition?" You reply, "What's it like sporting a hair piece that looks like the fur off a beaver's balls?"

Philly loves you.  

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